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Renovation Tips


Renovations & Design

Successful renovation projects are achieved through open, clear communication; between the contractor and the client. Our strength when it comes to renovation projects our ability to interpret your vision and provide the bathroom solution that meets your needs.Every renovation project is unique and therefore requires an individual approach to completing the project at hand. Our flexibility as professionals and as people means that at every turn we will work with you to make your renovation project a finished product that exactly meets your needs and requirements.



Don?t automatically choose the contractor who gives the lowest estimate. It may be unrealistically low. The contractor may not have understood the project, may be underestimating what it will take to complete the work, or simply trying to get a price advantage over the competitors. In any case, you could risk unexpected and additional costs, or you may end up with a job that leaves you unsatisfied.


Inspiration & ideas

we recommend starting your search with design magazines, books and websites to look for current trends, styles, tips and ideas. Research is key, all this will help you work out which styles you like and what best suits your home and your personality. Think about how you currently use your space. Make a list of what you like and don?t like about the space.


Reducing the cost of a renovation project

One way to reduce the cost is to design a kitchen, bathroom, or whatever the project in a way that requires the minimal work possible. Jobs such as moving the plumbing, electrical or removing walls can add additional work to a renovation project. If you’re able to maintain the current configuration of your existing project then you will not incur these additional costs.

A second way to save on labour costs is to provide some of your own labour. Painting is a relatively simple skill that can be learned by almost anyone, so do your own painting. If demolition of any kind is involved, do it yourself. It is dirty, physically demanding, and time consuming, but if you are willing to do it yourself you will save.

Stick to the plan, time and money easily gets wasted in changes that are made to the original plan.



When deciding on ideas, keep in mind that more details equal more accurate bids from contractors which will ultimately allow you to better maintain your overall renovation budget. Ambiguous design concepts lead to greater variances in determining the construction costs.


Have realistic expectations.

Many people think that installations of renovations are as easy as the ones they have seen on produced television shows. You need to remember that these programs are developed and prepped for weeks, maybe months. Talk to a professional who can explain the process in depth and detail before you tackle it on your own.


Renovation value

Homeowners tend to do renovation projects to meet their needs, improve their quality of life or simply pamper themselves with a little luxury. But even if you’re renovating primarily for your own sake, you should try to assess the post-project increase in the value of your house, just in case you ever want to sell.